Why work with me?

As a creative freelancer with over 20 years of writing experience, 12 years of culinary expertise, and 2 years of professional photography under me, it is a pleasure to share my experiences with you.

If you have any questions that I haven’t covered here, or if you’d like to talk about your writing, photography, or recipe needs, please contact me right away so we can get started on a great conversation!

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My Writing:

I can probably say with utmost confidence that I am a born writer. It is what I’ve always identified with and a passion that has yet to wane itself from my identity.

Writing is something I’ve done in creative form my entire life. It was before I was even a teen that I had already filled stacks of journals and poetry books in my room, and that is something that has never, ever changed.

I went on to study English and Literature at the University of Montana at a pretty young age, during which time I learned to challenge the very concept of what language was.

I further went on to also earn a degree in Medical Transcription, which comes in handy more often than you’d think!

In my professional career, I have written on a variety of lifestyle topics and am working on moving from digital to print publications.

To view my wiring portfolio, please go here: Writing Portfolio



 My Cooking:

Similar to writing, being in the kitchen became a passion of mine at a young age as well.

I grew up cooking and experimenting with recipes and by the time I was 20, I was working in professional kitchens learning every detail of the restaurant business – from the delivery truck that comes through the back door to the clients that walk in the front.

I worked for over 10 years in positions that ranged from prep, chef, sous chef, kitchen manager, private chef, and executive chef. I worked in a variety of settings and I believe my extensive knowledge and expertise in the restaurant industry has been an excellent asset as I have entered the next chapter of my culinary life: food writing and photography.

Today, I own and operate Her Heart is Vegan, a vegan food blog that is an incredibly passionate project of mine. Please be sure to visit and don’t leave without signing up for a free copy of our brand new ebook!

If you’re interesting in finding out more about my culinary experiences, you can:

Visit my food blog: Her Heart is Vegan

View my food photography portfolio: Photography Portfolio

See my recipe services page: Recipe Services



My Photography:

Unlike writing and working with food, photography is a love that came later in life for me.

I have always admired the art – to capture a life story in one photo, to manipulate camera settings and your subject to achieve the right look – it immediately spoke to me.

For the past 2 years I have been shooting food and loving it. However, I am developing my skills daily in different areas and I look forward to becoming a well-rounded photographer.

I love working within photoshop to enhance already great photography to really get the message across.

If you would like to view my food photography, please visit my photography portfolio: Photography Portfolio





So that’s it for the professional me. As for the casual me?

I’m a European transplant from gorgeous Wroclaw, Poland, where my heart still lies despite the many years since I’ve moved away!

Currently, I live in sunny and growing Wilmington, North Carolina where I chase my kids, and cook and write and write and cook. ?

I’m a total lover of good food, good people, and I have a crazy adventurous heart that leads me into some interesting things sometimes!

In the off chance that I’m not working, exploring my own town, or basking in the chaotic bliss that is being a MOM, I also love:

Road trips and adventures anytime, anywhere!

A good craft beer!


Kayaking, boating, camping, skiing, anything outside!

Lazy days in bed reading, sleeping, and snacking!



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