Diving into the world of craft beer years ago really opened up my interests and opportunities to spend some time writing about craft beer.

A lot of my projects include writing non-traditional and taste-specific reviews on craft brews that offer the reader an excellent understanding of what kind of nuances they should expect from a particular beer.

As you will see, most of my craft beer reviews combine all the traditional elements of a beer review, but there is usually a storyline and a fictional twist involved. My readers have always thoroughly enjoyed this unique approach.

I strive to offer something different among the usual.

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Brew Local NC


Brew Local NC was my first real blog and holds an incredibly special place in my heart. As a craft beer lover, I was delighted by the growing number of breweries in my area so I wrote, designed, built, and maintained this solo project.

Today, I keep it around simply to serve as a fond memory of where I started. I hope you enjoy the information I created within those pages years ago.