Recipe Services

Generally, the clients I work with follow a plant-based vegan diet and are always surprised by the incredibly decadent and nutritious meals I offer them.

As a trained chef with over 12 years of professional culinary experience, I have developed an understanding of food, taste, and nutrition that works like second nature to me.

This expertise allows me to work with clients as a Personal Chef and Culinary Assistant on a variety of projects that are custom tailored to their exact recipe needs.

Recipe services can range from personal to commercial, from homes to product kitchens, and may include:

Recipe Development | Cookbook Development | Food Prep | Meal and Menu Planning | Grocery Planning and Shopping 


Please don’t hesitate to contact me to talk about what has YOU wasting time in the kitchen and how one of my professional quality services can save you so much more than time!

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Or in the meantime, enjoy my samples below:


Recipe Development:

I have developed hundreds of recipes in my career for both personal clients and restaurants. In addition, I develop recipes regularly on my blog, Her Heart is Vegan


You can choose to add photographs to really make your recipes special:


Custom colors are also a great way to add an even more personal touch to each project:



Custom Family Cookbooks:

Do you have a collection of favorite recipes that you want to make into your very own, personalized cookbook? Do you want something to pass down to your children and grandchildren for generations? Or, do you have NO recipes and want help creating something that you will really love and cherish forever?

I can help you create recipe compilations, weekly menus, eBooks, PDF’s, or even full-color print books in any way, shape, or form that you and I can dream up together.




Menu and Meal Planning:

Whatever the reason you need one, a well-crafted menu or meal plan can make all the difference at your dinner table or in your restaurant.

I can help you create daily, weekly, or monthly meal plans and menus tailored around your exact goals and needs.

I am always available for support and to answer questions along the way, so you always have me there to help you along.



Grocery Planning and Shopping:

I have a lot of experience with both professional and personal clients when it comes to planning for and purchasing food.

For the home, I will work with you to create grocery lists, prep guides, meal plans, or any combination of services that fit your needs.

Based on these plans, I can do your grocery shopping personally, or place your online orders for you to pick-up on your way home from work. This is a huge time saver for busy families who want to eat great food, but don’t have the time to plan and shop.

For the business, I have extensive expertise in cost efficiency, food costs, ordering, and product inventory.

I can create, modify, and price out any restaurant or commercial menu, create or modify inventory guides, order guides, prep lists, menus, recipes, and more, as needed.



There is so much to talk about as we get into the heart of our homes and businesses: the kitchen.

Let’s talk about your vision and how I can help you realize the dream on your plate!

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