Beginner’s Guide to Diffusing




Now that you’ve most likely purchased a diffuser and hopefully some wonderful, aromatic oils to go along with it – you’re probably excited and ready to get started! However, if you’re anything like most beginning users, you may also be a little unsure of what exactly you should do with these amazing potions. Don’t worry!

Today, we’ll walk you through some of the basic operating instructions for electric diffusers. We will also share some tips and tricks that we’ve gathered along the way that will enhance your diffusing experience so that you can get the most benefit out of each drop!


Basic Operating Instructions

The first thing you should know about your electric diffuser is how to operate it! Now, all brands and styles vary slightly, so it’s a really good idea to read over the instruction manual for your particular type of diffuser to understand its basic functions. That said, most diffusers operate similarly and work with just a touch of a button. Your diffuser should plug into an electrical outlet and doesn’t require batteries to operate. However, although rare, some more portable devices do run on batteries.

Next, you’ll notice that somewhere on your diffuser is an ON/OFF button. Depending on your brand and model of diffuser, this can be a simple one-push button that merely turns the diffuser on and off. Sometimes there may be multiple buttons for different timing functions or one button pressed more than once can toggle between different time settings. Most diffusers have a timed cycle and will turn off automatically once the cycle is complete or once the diffuser has run out of oil. Check your instruction manual to make sure yours is one of them, as you don’t want to burn out your motor!

Some styles of diffusers have lights that can be turned on or off, but we’ve also seen some styles where the lights cannot be turned off, so keep this in mind if you are sensitive to light during the night. Lastly, some diffusers even play music/soothing sounds that are controlled either by a button right on the diffuser or a remote control.  


Use the Right Kind of Water!

Some electric diffusers do not use water to disperse essential oils into the air. Heat, evaporating, and nebulizing diffusers rely on a fine air mist or heat to get the job done. The most popular style of diffuser, however, which is an ultrasonic diffuser, uses water to not only disperse essential oils into the air, but to humidify the air around you as well.

When using an ultrasonic diffuser, it’s important to use the right kind of water. Low-mineral water, such as distilled water, is an excellent choice. Regular bottled or tap water contains significant amounts of minerals which, over time, can build up on the inside of your diffuser. Not only does this make it difficult to clean your diffuser, it’s not good for the machine itself. Always use distilled water, unless otherwise directed by the manufacturer.


How Many Drops?

One of the most frequent questions people have is how many drops of oil to use! Sometimes even instruction manuals recommend far too strong of a dose, so the key is to always start small. If you have never used essential oils, be advised that pure essential oils are very potent. We recommend you start with about 2 drops of essential oil and build up from there to about 4-6 drops per use.

For example, if you are using a single oil such as lemon, lavender, or frankincense, just add 2 drops to your diffuser and start there. As you get used to their benefits, you can try 3-4 drops of your favorite oil, or try experimenting with different oils and try 2 drops of lemon with perhaps 2 drops of lavender.

When using an oil blend (a blend of more than one oil that is sold in one bottle such as Thieves or Valor) the same rule applies. Start small with about 2 drops and as your body becomes accustomed to diffusing, you can increase to 4-6 drops. You can combine a single oil with an oil blend, but it’s not usually recommended to use 2 oil blends together, as this becomes just too much with too many aromas mixed together.

As you become familiar with how different oils work within your home you can increase or decrease the amount of drops you use, but even if you are looking for a strong effect, I would never use more than 6-8 drops. Even as a seasoned oiler, I usually stick to 4-6.



Most styles of electric diffusers are generally very easy to clean. It’s a good idea to clean your diffuser about once every 1-2 weeks. Your instruction manual should be able to walk you through the cleaning process. Some diffusers come with a little cleaning tool, but a q-tip works just as well. Be extremely careful not to let water get into any inside portions of your diffuser, as this will damage the electrical parts inside.

While most electric diffusers come clean with no fuss, pay close attention to what your manual says about touching certain parts of your diffuser or using certain cleaning solutions. Some styles are more finicky than others and you certainly don’t want to cause any damage.

So, are you ready to get started? Essential oils can be a powerful, all-natural addition to your everyday routine and most everyone we’ve spoken to can’t imagine life without them! So go ahead, get your diffuser ready and experiment with some of your favorite scents to transform your living space and your life!

Happy oiling!