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Please click the logos above or below to view my current and most passionate project, Her Heart is Vegan.

This is my vegan food blog inspired not only by my passions for writing, creating, cooking, and being an entrepreneur – but also fueled by/coincided with my then 9-year-old daughter June’s persistent begging to be “allowed” to live a vegan lifestyle.

What followed has been almost a year of immense personal growth, lots of incredibly simple and delicious recipes, a journey in food photography, and lots of writing and information to share along the way.

This is a solo project through which I have administrated every task from planning and design, to copywriting, blogging, photography, recipe testing and developement, content creation, ebook and recipe writing, social media, marketing and advertising, analytics, finances, and well, the list goes on eternally!

Her Heart is Vegan is still in its early stages, but we are seeing growth daily and can’t wait to see where the coming year takes us!

So without further hype, we would love for you to view our project: